We Store, Pack, and Deliver Your Goods

Kuriyas is a logistics service that fulfills your e-commerce orders from your online sales channels to your customers outside your location. We store your goods in our storage hubs and provide next day delivery of your products to your customers when ordered

With our storage hubs near your customers and our reliable fulfillment services, we help you focus on selling to your customers while we ensure every order is fulfilled. With Kuriyas; you reduce your shipping costs, improve your order rate, delivery times, and experience for your customers

Streamlined fulfillment from your online store to your customer's door

Pay as you go

You only pay for what storage you need

Unlimited Storage

No minimum for the number of products you can store

Delivery tracking

Track your delivery with excellent customer support

Everything insured

From storage to delivery, everything is insured.

Cash on delivery

Your cash on delivery payments are also handled

How Kuriyas works


Subscribe to use our service for your order fulfillment needs, then send us your products


We store your products in our fulfillment centers (storage hub)


As soon as a customer places an order; you fill the delivery request and we deliver it from our fulfillment center


Do You Have Questions?

For more information about storage space size, returns, removal, disposal, loss or damage of goods and delivery locations, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or Contact Us for more information.

1. What does Kuriyas do?

Kuriyas is an order fulfillment service that allows you to store your products in Kuriyas fulfillment centers (storage hubs), and we pack and provide next-day delivery of your products to your customers. You send or drop off your items at Kuriyas storage hubs and we take care of shipping the items for you as they are ordered from whatever sales channels you use (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Website)

2. How does Kuriyas work?

a. Order: Register and Subscribe to use our service for your order fulfillment needs. Once payment is received, storage space is assigned to you.

b. Store: Send your products to Kuriyas fulfillment centers (storage hub). Once received; products are checked in, inventory created and stored.

c. Deliver: As soon as a customer places an order; fill the delivery request and we pick your product from inventory, pack, and deliver to your customer.

3. What is the size of Kuriyas Storage Space?

Our storage spaces are in cubic feet and spaces available are 1 cubic foot (12”x12”x12”) and 3 cubic foot (18”x18”x17”). For larger spaces, send us a WhatsApp message at 08022881181 or email us at support@kuriyas.com

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